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27 06 2012

By William I. Robinson

Global capitalism and 21st century fascism
The global economic crisis and the attack on immigrant rights are bound together in a web of 21st century fascism. Read more >>

Global rebellion: The coming chaos?
Global elites are confused, reactive, and sinking into a quagmire of their own making, says author. Read more >>

Latin America’s left at the crossroads
Leftist governments in Latin America are facing resistance not only from the right, but from their own bases, as well. Read more >>

By Jeb Sprague and Cesar Rodriguez

Dual Crises of Globalization: Arizona and the Gulf of Mexico
From the plumes of corporate crude in the Gulf of Mexico, to the assault on migrants in Arizona, the U.S. appears locked in a continual state of emergency. Read more >>

Global Capital and Immigrant Rights

21 03 2012

By William I. Robinson

Abstract: The recent mass demonstrations by millions of Latino immigrant workers in the US, against planned legislation that could lead to the criminalisation and deportation of, literally, millions of workers shook the Bush administration and took commentators by surprise. The upsurge has been dubbed the new civil rights movement. It marks a new stage in globalisation and the phenomenon of mass, transnational migration that such globalisation has engendered. Unprecedented in size and scope, the movement challenges the structural changes bound up with capitalist globalisation and points to the necessity of transnational popular and democratic struggles against it. READ THE ARTICLE >>