UPDATE: June 28-29 Conference Venue, Travel, and Accommodation Details

20 11 2012

CALL FOR PAPERS: Global Capitalism in Asia and Oceania

Griffith University | The Ship Inn Conference Centre
Corner Stanley & Sidon Streets
Southbank Parklands, Brisbane, Australia
June 28-29, 2013

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Outside of Asia, much is made of ‘the Asian Century’, the ‘rise of Asia’, the economic potential of Asian markets, regional trade agreements with Asia, and building ‘Asia-relevant’ capabilities to support all these. Such instrumental views are shaping the ideological landscape of many parts of the ‘West’. For those from within and outside Asia who are interested in critical studies of global capitalism other topics are much more pressing. These include the different models and manifestations of global capitalism that are being adopted across Asia, as well as the links between such models and ongoing political developments in the region. Questions arise about the implications of newly energized “Asian capitalism” for current economic and social relationships—about current forms of economic division and exploitation, increasing social polarization and state based authoritarianism. Related questions also come up about oppositional activist practices that are arising and contemporary modes of policing such dissent. The purpose of this conference is to focus critical studies of global capitalism on Asia, Australia, and the Oceania region, to provide opportunities for interested scholars and activists to explore related issues. READ MORE >>


Global markets are the new battlefields

20 11 2012

By Kanishka Jayasuriya

The rise of China and its ramifications for our relationship with the US has created angst within Australia’s foreign and defence policy community.

Much of this tortured reflection is really a zombie debate where outmoded geo-political terms such as ‘power transition’ are deployed to understand new patterns of international politics in a globally integrated economy. Read more >>