Information Technology and the Global Ruling Class

21 03 2012

By Jerry Harris

Globalization is a new epoch in the history of world capitalism. The integration of finance, production and markets, and the speed at which they operate, has never been as deep and transformative as today. From its birth capitalism developed as a world system and throughout its history has introduced innovative technologies. It’s need for growth and profits has not changed. But the manner and structure in which this unfolds has. As colonialism reflected mercantile capitalism and imperialism was an extension of industrial capitalism, globalization has emerged from the foundations of information capitalism. Information technology (IT) is different from other historically new innovations like the blast furnace or automobile because of its ability to revolutionized other technologies. This is IT’s qualitative difference, the ability to transform the means of production and profoundly reshape capital/labor relations. Leading this process is the transnational capitalist class as they build a new social structure of global accumulation. READ THE ARTICLE >>




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